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Best Selling

Road Safe Equipment & Traffic Management

17in Foldable Type CSM Safety Cone

RM53.29 RM33.30

Adhesives Maintenance & Lubricants Spray

1Gal WD-40 Anti Rust

RM165.22 RM119.40

Fire Protection Equipment

1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

RM72.15 RM55.50

Garden Watering Product

1L GF-WPW01 CSM Water Sprayer

RM11.44 RM8.80

Industrial & Exhaust Fans

26in Wall CSM Industrial Fan 240V

RM227.10 RM167.00

Fire Protection Equipment

2kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

RM89.96 RM69.20

Fire Protection Equipment

4kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

RM106.08 RM81.60

Fresheners & Hygiene Products

5L CIF Window & Glass Cleaner 67469198

RM60.97 RM46.90

Hacksaw & Power Saw & Jigsaw Blade

5p S3456XF Bosch Sabre Saw Blade 2608654406

RM106.33 RM74.10

Respiratory Body Safety Protection Fall Arrest Equipment

6200 3M Double Half Respirator

RM93.85 RM64.50

Fire Protection Equipment

9kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

RM129.35 RM99.50

Fresheners & Hygiene Products

AZ1010A White CSM Liquid Soap Dispenser

RM47.45 RM36.50

Eye & Face Safety Protection

Classix Proguard Chemical Goggles

RM8.45 RM6.50

DIY Gardening & Agricultural Tools

CPS701-Curved Tip CSM Pruning Shears

RM12.74 RM9.80

Electrical Hand Drill & Screwdriver

GBM10RE Bosch Drill 10mm 450W 250V 06014735L0

RM306.40 RM228.00

Wood Working Power Tools & Machine

GKF550 Bosch Mini Router 550W 240V 06016A00L0

RM303.80 RM226.00

Hand & Skin Care

MTO-5L Gel Hand Sanitizer

RM279.50 RM215.00
RM279.50 RM215.00
RM279.50 RM215.00
RM55.64 RM42.80
RM55.64 RM42.80

Garden Watering Product

NM500-5L Pressure Sprayer

RM76.56 RM51.20

Garden Watering Product

NM800-8L Pressure Sprayer

RM73.97 RM56.90

Electrical Blower Vacuum Steam Floor Cleaner

WD1-15L Wet & Dry Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 1200W 240V 1.098-300.0

RM381.80 RM286.00

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