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[CLEAR STOCK] 19.5L Anchor Stainless Steel Knapsack Sprayer


[CLEAR STOCK] KARCHER Oscillating Sprinkler Garden Watering System OS3.220 OS5.320S OS5.320SV


[CLEAR STOCK] OGAWA SP268M-20L Knapsack Power Sprayer

RM520.00 RM260.00

0.5L PVC CSM Water Sprayer RCS500

RM9.60 RM4.80

10.8-15.9-17.1mm O-Ring Set For Karcher Garden Hose Connector 2.645-074.0

RM27.40 RM13.70

10M Set With Nozzle & Spray Gun Spiral Karcher Garden Hose 2.645-178.0

RM432.00 RM216.00

10M-5/8″ Apple Green Klasflex Braided Garden Hose

RM84.00 RM42.00

10p 12mm CSM Seal Tape

RM9.20 RM4.60

10p 12mmx8M Taico Seal Tape

RM9.00 RM4.50

250Pcs WAGO PTFE Teflon Thread Seal Tape (Extra Long) White Seal Tape, Tape Putih (Extra Panjang)

RM316.00 RM158.00

25M-5/8″ Apple Green Klasflex Braided Garden Hose

RM150.00 RM75.00

2p 12mm CSM Seal Tape

RM2.00 RM1.00