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0.5L PVC CSM Water Sprayer RCS500

RM7.60 RM3.80

10.8-15.9-17.1mm O-Ring Set For Karcher Garden Hose Connector 2.645-074.0

RM27.40 RM13.70

10M Set With Nozzle & Spray Gun Spiral Karcher Garden Hose 2.645-178.0

RM412.00 RM216.00

10M-5/8″ Apple Green Klasflex Braided Garden Hose

RM84.00 RM42.00

10p 12mm CSM Seal Tape

RM9.20 RM4.60

10p 12mmx8M Taico Seal Tape

RM9.00 RM4.50

25M-5/8″ Apple Green Klasflex Braided Garden Hose

RM142.00 RM71.00

2p 12mm CSM Seal Tape

RM1.60 RM0.80

2p 12mmx8M Taico Seal Tape

RM2.00 RM1.00

2p MOO-13-16mm Thumb Screw Orbit Hose Clip

RM5.40 RM2.70

2p Set ½-5/8in Aquastop Karcher Garden Hose Connector 2.645-176.0

RM57.80 RM28.90

3in1 Plus Karcher Garden Hose Hanger 2.645-161.0

RM151.00 RM77.50