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[CLEAR STOCK] CSM A-1000 Fogging Machine 900W/1000W 240V

RM180.00 RM90.00

[CLEAR STOCK] CSM Tig Welding Ceramic Cup No. Cup

RM2.80 RM1.40

[CLEAR STOCK] CSM Warning Barrier Fence Orange Construction Fence Safety Netting 1Meter X 50Meter

RM100.00 RM50.00

[CLEAR STOCK] ECE-R27 Reflecting Triangle With Stand

RM24.00 RM12.00

[CLEAR STOCK] Flashing Light Blinker Yellow Red Blue Traffic Warning Light Barricade Light Road Safety Use High Quality


[CLEAR STOCK] FM1500 Fogging Machine 1500W 240V

RM240.00 RM120.00

[CLEAR STOCK] Moisturising Hand Soap Green Yellow Apple Lemon Lavender 500ml


[CLEAR STOCK] SEKOPLAS Disposable HDPE Plastic Glove / Semi Transparent / Sarung Tangan Plastik Pakai Buang (100 pcs)

RM7.00 RM3.50

[CLEAR STOCK] SHIRUDO Nitrile Disposable Glove NS8501 NS8502 NS8503 NS8504 [100pcs]

RM30.00 RM15.00

[CLEAR STOCK] TFF9611315K Superior Rigger Gloves

RM14.00 RM7.00

[CLEAR STOCK] White Blue Non Woven Disposable CSM Coverall


[HOT SALE] CSM Road Barrier Outdoor Road Traffic Safety Equipment / Hoarding Board / Penghadang Jalan / Project accepted