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[CLEAN STOCK] #770 Black Rain Shoe Rain Boots Rubber Boots Waterproof Oil Resistant

RM21.20 RM8.50

[CLEAN STOCK] CSM A-1000 Fogging Machine 900W/1000W 240V

RM340.00 RM90.00

[CLEAN STOCK] Flashing Light Blinker Yellow Red Blue Traffic Warning Light Barricade Light Road Safety Use High Quality


[CLEAN STOCK] JOVEN Storage Water Heater JH-68 JSH-91 68Liter 91Liter


[CLEAR STOCK ] BOSCH SDS Max Concrete Drill Bit M4 [20mm – 40mm]


[CLEAR STOCK] 19.5L Anchor Stainless Steel Knapsack Sprayer


[CLEAR STOCK] 6 8 ft Round Wooden Stick Wood Mop Stick 6 8 Kaki Kayu Batang Kayu Bendera Kayu Ampaian Kayu Bulat Barang Penyapu


[CLEAR STOCK] 9152 Safety Rubber Boot (YELLOW) / Kasut Air Getah / Kasut Boot / Kasut Hujan / Rubber Shoe UK5 UK6 UK7 UK8 UK9 UK10 UK11 UK12


[CLEAR STOCK] Aluminum Door Closer Automatic Adjustable Hydraulic Auto Hold Close Lock with Speed Control 180 Degree


[CLEAR STOCK] Aquamatic 100 Auto Backwash Valve

RM950.00 RM420.00

[CLEAR STOCK] B003T Combined BBQ Burner 003

RM76.00 RM38.00

[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH 3 LINE 60 METER GREEN Laser Level 360°Rotary Indoor Outdoor Self Levelling Measuring GLL3 60XG

RM3,072.00 RM1,450.00