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[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH Max-8 SDS Max Concrete Drill Bit [12 – 24mm]


[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH Pointer Laser 5 Lines 360° Rotary Indoor Outdoor Measuring Tool GPL5

RM1,540.00 RM770.00

[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH Solo GCM18V-216 BiTurbo Brushless Cordless Compound Mitre Saw 0601B410K0

RM3,520.00 RM1,760.00

[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH Solo GCM18V-305GDC BiTurbo Brushless Cordless Compound Mitre Saw 0601B430K0

RM7,560.00 RM3,780.00

[CLEAR STOCK] Centering Guide for Bosch Diamond Hole Saw 2608580327

RM200.00 RM100.00

[CLEAR STOCK] Classix-AF Proguard Anti-Fog Frosted Chemical Goggles

RM8.00 RM4.00

[CLEAR STOCK] Copper Ball Float With Stub Welded 10″ 12″ 14″ Only


[CLEAR STOCK] CRC 2016M Electronic Contact Cleaner For Mobile Phone Lcd Board 350G GRAM

RM84.00 RM42.00

[CLEAR STOCK] CRC Crack Test Spray CRICK 120 500ml

RM79.60 RM39.80

[CLEAR STOCK] CSM 15kg MIG CO2 Welding Wire 0.8MM 1.0MM 1.2MM


[CLEAR STOCK] CSM 200 Degree Peephole Door Viewer Home Security Wide Angle Door Spyphole Eyes

RM32.00 RM16.00

[CLEAR STOCK] CSM Blue Non Woven Disposable Shoes Cover 100 Pcs

RM23.80 RM11.90