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[CLEAR STOCK] Aquamatic 100 Auto Backwash Valve

RM950.00 RM420.00

[CLEAR STOCK] RK3634 Everforce Mechanical Jar Rice Cooker (11 Cups)

RM438.00 RM120.00

[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL 0.4l Liter Rice Cooker Mini Mechanical Periuk Nasi Rk1721

RM324.00 RM162.00

[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL 1.7L Handy Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cerek Pemanas Air KI800D

RM238.00 RM119.00

[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL BL142 Fruit Sensation Glass Jug

RM458.00 RM160.00

[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL BL967 Dynamix Cook High Speed Blender

RM978.00 RM450.00

[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL BL985 Ultrablend Boost High Speed Blender FOC Kitchen Knife Set

RM1,998.00 RM850.00

[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL CY638D CY638D65+K3028912 3p Home Chef SmartPro IH Multicooker + MasterSeal Set


[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL Healthy & Tasty IH Rice Cooker (1.0L) RK8608

RM838.00 RM399.00

[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL Home Chef Smart Multicooker Pressure Cooker CY601 CY601D With Stainless Steel Spherical Pot


[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL Home Chef Smart Pro Multicooker Rice Cooker 5.0L CY625 CY625D65


[CLEAR STOCK] TEFAL KO2608 KO2601 1.7L Black White Safe Tea Kettle Pemanas Air Elektrik