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[CLEAR STOCK] White 60″ 3Blade Apro Ceiling Fan Regulator 240V

RM220.00 RM88.00

APRO White 60″ 3Blade Ceiling Fan 240V With Sirim

RM220.00 RM110.00

CSM Sky Dancer for Blower Fan 12 inch x 12 ft long attract lots of attention

RM144.00 RM72.00

D027KAC-1To1-16Music AC Wireless Multi-Song Qusun Doorbell

RM83.00 RM41.50

DEKA 56″ White 5Blade DK18-Regulator Ceiling Fan 240V

RM276.00 RM138.00

DEKA DR9 60″ 3 Blade Regulator Deka Ceiling Fan 240V 5 Speed Control 6110020188 6110020267

RM258.00 RM129.00

DEKA SCX56 Black/5Blade Remote Ceiling Fan 240V

RM310.00 RM155.00

Ecobright Door Bell Wireless Remote Black White AG8532

RM72.00 RM36.00

Ecobright Wireless Door Bell Battery Free Black White EB9621 100Meter 20Music

RM110.00 RM55.00

F-M15AO Basic 60in Panasonic Ceiling Fan 240V

RM352.00 RM176.00

JOVEN LED Light DC Inverter Motor [52″] Ceiling Fan (Black Grey Mocha ) JCFDRL2521

RM720.00 RM360.00

KDK 40cm/16″ Table Fan with Condenser Motor / KB404 (Kipas Meja) Silver Blue / KU408 / Wall Fan with Pull Cord/Dinding