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1.5M 2to2 CSM RCA Cable

RM34.00 RM17.00

10Mx1.25x3C SUM HD Round Cable Reel

RM88.00 RM44.00

16in Multi Fan Blade

RM19.00 RM9.50

2G Lemax Trailing Socket W/O Wire

RM18.80 RM9.40

4G Lemax Trailing Socket W/O Wire

RM25.60 RM12.80

4Gx5M Selamat Trailing Socket MA1184 5M

RM78.00 RM39.00

4Way 3Way Lemax Multi T-Adaptor With Neon 240V Sirim


5G Lemax Trailing Socket W/O Wire

RM31.00 RM15.50

CSM L-Type TV Bracket Antena

RM11.80 RM5.90

CSM MW1200S TNK Switching Power Adaptor

RM74.80 RM37.40

CSM SJP Big Extension Cable Reel Only (RP: SJB)

RM118.00 RM59.00

CSM TC11-1G Almighty Momo Cable Reel Without Cable

RM133.40 RM66.70