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[CLEAR STOCK] KARCHER KM70/20C Manual Sweeper 2800m2/h 1.517-106.0

RM4,800.00 RM2,400.00

[CLEAR STOCK] NILFISK CAR275-EU Viper Carpet Extractor 75L 230V 50/60HZ 50000210

RM5,900.00 RM2,950.00

[CLEAR STOCK] NILFISK PS480-EU Viper Push Sweeper 2800W 230V 50000492

RM1,760.00 RM880.00

[OFFER] KARCHER KB5 Cordless Electric Broom 1.258-000.0

RM668.00 RM280.00

[OFFER] SHT30A 12″ Stand Green CSM Portable Propeller Ventilator Blower Hose Flexible **FREE SKYDANCER


AB30 Classic Karcher Air Carpet & Floor Blower 29.3m3/min 520W 240V 1.004-058.0

RM1,998.00 RM999.00

BF575 Wet & Dry Okazawa Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 30L/240V

RM790.00 RM395.00

BF580 Wet & Dry Okazawa Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 80L/240V

RM1,360.00 RM680.00

BOBOT Green White-Grey Cleaning Pad For MOP Pro

RM25.80 RM12.90

BOBOT Lightweight Smart Cordless Electric Mop With Spraying Function Easy To Use

RM678.00 RM180.00

DACHO DV30SM-30L 3in1 Industrial Wet, Dry And Blowing Vacuum Cleaner 1400W/240V

RM578.00 RM289.00

Dacho HPS2B Manual Hand Push Sweepers

RM1,868.00 RM934.00