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AB30 Classic Karcher Air Carpet & Floor Blower 29.3m3/min 520W 240V 1.004-058.0

RM1,108.90 RM853.00

BF575 Wet & Dry Okazawa Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 30L/240V

RM440.70 RM339.00

BF580 Wet & Dry Okazawa Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 80L/240V

RM946.40 RM728.00

DACHO DV30SM-30L 3in1 Industrial Wet, Dry And Blowing Vacuum Cleaner 1400W/240V

RM296.40 RM228.00

Dacho HPS2B Manual Hand Push Sweepers

RM1,157.00 RM890.00

E4 3″ Swan Super Blower 550W 240V

RM763.10 RM587.00

GT006-350 Paint Sprayer 800ml 400W 240V

RM114.40 RM88.00

KB5 Karcher 3.7V Cordless Electric Broom 1.258-000.0

RM432.90 RM333.00

MOP Pro BOBOT Water Spray Cordless Handheld Wireless Electric Mop Sweeping And Mop Floor Washer

RM440.70 RM339.00

PEF12A-12in A-Stand Red Icasu Portable Blower 240V

RM415.74 RM319.80

PS-1000 Ryobi Electric HVLP Paint Sprayer 500W 240V 68623JA C/W CSM RTU Quat Disinfectant


Puzzi 10/1-10L Spray-Extraction Karcher Profesional Carpet Cleaner 10.7KG 1250W 220MBARS 240V 1.100-130.0

RM3,682.90 RM2,833.00