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2010 8in Starman Rabbit Pliers

RM9.80 RM7.50

8in Shell Cable Cutter

RM13.00 RM10.00

CAS101S-10in Straight CSM Aviation Snips Cutter

RM21.60 RM16.60

CCP6-6″ CSM Combination Plier

RM13.70 RM10.50

CCP8-8″ CSM Combination Plier

RM18.10 RM13.90

CDP6-6″ CSM Diagonal Cutter Plier

RM13.70 RM10.50

CDP8-8″ CSM Diagonal Cutter Plier

RM18.10 RM13.90

CLP6-6″ CSM Long Nose Plier

RM13.70 RM10.50

CLP8-8″ CSM Long Nose Plier

RM18.10 RM13.90

DP-5″ Heavy Duty Jetech Cutting Pliers

RM32.60 RM25.10

DP-6″ Heavy Duty Jetech Cutting Pliers

RM35.50 RM27.30

LGP-5″ Curved Jaw Jetech Locking Plier With Cutter

RM24.70 RM19.00