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BOSCH DLE150 Laser Range Finder 0.3-150mtr 0601098342

RM2,611.70 RM2,009.00

BOSCH DLE70 Laser Range Finder 0601016670 [ 0.05-70mtr]

RM704.60 RM542.00

BOSCH GLM150 Laser Range Finder 0.05-150mtr

RM1,592.50 RM1,225.00

BOSCH GLM80+R60 High Tech Laser Range Finder Set 0601072371

RM965.90 RM743.00

BOSCH GLM80AP Li-Ion Cordless Laser Rangefinder USB [80M]

RM973.70 RM749.00

GLM100 Professional Bosch Laser Range Finder 0.05-100mtr 3.7V/230V 0601727P40

RM1,199.90 RM923.00

GLM150C Bosch Laser Range Finder 0.05-150mtr with Camera 0601072FK0

RM1,376.70 RM1,059.00

GLM250VF Bosch Laser Rangefinder 0.05-250M 0601072170

RM2,298.40 RM1,768.00

GLM40 Li-Ion Bosch Cordless Laser Rangefinder 40M 5VDC 06010729K0

RM448.50 RM345.00

GLM500 Profesional 2IN1 Bosch Laser Rangefinder 50M 0601072HK0

RM735.80 RM566.00

GLM50C Profesional Bosch Laser Rangefinder With Bluetooth 50M 0601072CK0

RM780.00 RM600.00

GLM80 Li-Ion Bosch Cordless Laser Rangefinder 80M 5VDC 0601072370

RM988.00 RM760.00