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BOSCH DLE150 Laser Range Finder 0.3-150mtr 0601098342

RM2,611.70 RM2,009.00

BOSCH DLE70 Laser Range Finder 0601016670 [ 0.05-70mtr]

RM704.60 RM542.00

BOSCH GLM150 Laser Range Finder 0.05-150mtr

RM1,497.60 RM1,152.00

BOSCH GLM50C Profesional Laser Rangefinder With Bluetooth 50M 0601072CK0

RM780.00 RM600.00

BOSCH GLM80+R60 High Tech Laser Range Finder Set 0601072371

RM965.90 RM743.00

BOSCH GLM80AP Li-Ion Cordless Laser Rangefinder USB [80M]

RM973.70 RM749.00

GLM100 Professional Bosch Laser Range Finder 0.05-100mtr 3.7V/230V 0601727P40

RM1,199.90 RM923.00

GLM150C Bosch Laser Range Finder 0.05-150mtr with Camera 0601072FK0

RM1,376.70 RM1,059.00

GLM250VF Bosch Laser Rangefinder 0.05-250M 0601072170

RM2,298.40 RM1,768.00

GLM40 Li-Ion Bosch Cordless Laser Rangefinder 40M 5VDC 06010729K0

RM448.50 RM345.00

GLM500 Profesional 2IN1 Bosch Laser Rangefinder 50M 0601072HK0

RM735.80 RM566.00

GLM80 Li-Ion Bosch Cordless Laser Rangefinder 80M 5VDC 0601072370

RM988.00 RM760.00