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16Tablets RM760 Karcher Carpet Pro 6.295-850.0

RM112.50 RM86.50

1L Karcher Carpet Cleaner 6.295-771.0

RM76.40 RM58.80

1L Karcher RM626 Universal Cleaner 6.295-753.0

RM56.40 RM43.40

1L KHC810 Kleenso Concentrated Stain Remover

RM15.00 RM11.50

1L KHC834LW Kleenso Serai Wangi Liquid Wax Floor Cleaner

RM15.50 RM11.90

1L KHC855 Kleenso Super Red Degreaser

RM9.50 RM7.30

1L NS99 CSM Nano Silver Ion Disinfection

RM90.90 RM69.90

1L RTU CSM Care Ready To Use Quat Disinfectant

RM20.50 RM15.80

20L CCT CSM Care Concentrated Quat Disinfectant

RM334.10 RM257.00

20L RTU CSM Care Ready To Use Quat Disinfectant

RM140.40 RM108.00

500ml KHC809 Bio-D Kleenso Multi-Action Concentrated Degreaser Sprayer

RM15.10 RM11.60

500ml KHC811 Kleenso Tile & Bathroom Cleaner Sprayer

RM9.20 RM7.10