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#1099 Heavy Duty Car Wash Brass Hose Nozzle (rpMT-319)

RM74.80 RM37.40

10.8-15.9-17.1mm O-Ring Set For Karcher Garden Hose Connector 2.645-074.0

RM27.40 RM13.70

1p 3Way 13-16mm PVC CSM Hose Joint

RM4.00 RM2.00

2p Set ½-5/8in Aquastop Karcher Garden Hose Connector 2.645-176.0

RM57.80 RM28.90

4011 CSM Male Tap Connector 3/4in

RM6.60 RM3.30

4p Set Universal Nozzle Spray Karcher Garden Watering System (Replace 2.645-123.0) 2.645-288.0

RM125.60 RM62.80

4p Set Universal Spray Gun Karcher Garden Watering System (Replace 2.645-109.0) 2.645-289.0

RM183.60 RM91.80

Brass G3/4in With G1/2in Reducer Tap Adaptor Karcher Garden Hose Connector 2.645-013.0

RM64.60 RM32.30

Brass Nozzle Karcher Garden Watering System 2.645-054.0

RM117.60 RM58.80

CS90 Spike Circular Sprinkler Karcher Garden Watering System 2.645-024.0

RM76.00 RM38.00

G1-G3/4in Gasket Set For Karcher Garden Hose Connector 2.645-073.0

RM23.60 RM11.80

H16mmx1/2in Bspt CSM Quick Action PVC Valve

RM4.60 RM2.30