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[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH 3 LINE 60 METER GREEN Laser Level 360°Rotary Indoor Outdoor Self Levelling Measuring GLL3 60XG

RM3,072.00 RM1,450.00

[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH D-TECT150SV Wall Detector Measuring Depth 150mm 0601010005/0601010008

RM5,678.00 RM2,500.00

[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH GLL3-80 Carry Case Bosch Line Laser 0601063S00

RM3,514.00 RM1,450.00

[CLEAR STOCK] BOSCH Pointer Laser 5 Lines 360° Rotary Indoor Outdoor Measuring Tool GPL5

RM1,543.00 RM770.00

[CLEAR STOCK] GCL2-50CG Smart Bosch Green Line Laser 0601066H80

RM2,700.00 RM1,200.00

[CLEAR STOCK] GMS120 Bosch Multi Detector 0601081000

RM830.00 RM330.00

BM1 Bosch Mounting Tools For GLL/GPL 0601015A00/0601015A01

RM430.00 RM215.00

BOSCH BT150-1/4-1.47M Tripod Stand 0601096B00/0601096974

RM240.00 RM120.00

BOSCH GIS500 Infrared Temperature Heat Detector 0601083480 [-30-500⁰C]

RM510.00 RM255.00

BOSCH GLM30-23 Li-Ion Cordless Laser Rangefinder 30M 0601072XK0

RM398.00 RM199.00

BOSCH GLM50C Profesional Laser Rangefinder With Bluetooth 50M 0601072CK0

RM1,184.60 RM592.30

BOSCH GLM80AP Li-Ion Cordless Laser Rangefinder USB [80M]

RM1,544.00 RM772.00