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[CLEAR STOCK] KEN5811450K 7P 6-19mm Kennedy Box Spanner Set With Tommy Bars

RM261.60 RM70.00

[CLEAR STOCK] KEN5824200K 1/4In Sq Drive Polypropylene Kennedy Spinner Handle

RM44.80 RM11.00

[CLEAR STOCK] KEN5829610K 32-75mm C Hook Adjustable Wrench

RM400.00 RM160.00

[CLEAR STOCK] KEN5829620K 50-120mm C Hook Adjustable Wrench

RM539.80 RM200.00

[CLEAR STOCK] MK-TOL-8100N Mr.Mark 800mm 1″ Ratchet Handle

RM1,584.00 RM580.00

#208-1/2″ Ratchet Handle

RM13.40 RM6.70

0.5kg CSM Fiberglass Mat

RM25.20 RM12.60

10in Iron Bull Chrome Adjustable Wrench

RM30.00 RM15.00

10kg R-410A Acson Refrigerant Gas

RM880.00 RM440.00

10M 1.5mm Black Heat Shrinkable Tubing H-2(Z)

RM8.20 RM4.10

10M 10mm Black Heat Shrinkable Tubing H-2(Z)

RM29.60 RM14.80

10M 10×6.5mm Black PU Tubing

RM65.40 RM32.70