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Automotive Cable Clamp, Clip & Connector

(+) Brass CSM Battery Clamp

RM4.70 RM3.90

Aluminium Maintanance Tools & Saw Frames

0-15-218 21-5/8×1/2in Stanley Hacksaw Junior

RM57.10 RM36.20

Automotive Cleaner Maintenance & Repairs

0.5kg CSM Fiberglass Mat

RM15.20 RM11.70

Electronic Switch & Accessories

1.5uf Contact Suppressors

RM3.60 RM2.80
Out of stock

Industry Burner & Gas Meter Regulator

10kg R-410A Acson Refrigerant Gas

RM545.60 RM412.00
RM5.30 RM4.10
RM19.10 RM14.70
RM46.10 RM27.80
RM53.00 RM33.10
RM7.00 RM5.40

Heat Shrink Automotive Rope

10M 2mm Black Heat Shrinkable Tubing H-2(Z)

RM6.60 RM5.10
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