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#118 Steel Green Garden Rake With Out Handle

RM11.80 RM5.90

1 1/8×48″ Wood Stick For Rake

RM10.60 RM5.30

1 3/4×48″ Wood Hoe Handle

RM17.20 RM8.60

10M Drain Cleaner Pipe Extension For Bosch AQT33-10/35-12/37-13 F016800362

RM274.00 RM137.00

10p Karcher Filter Bag for T7/1Classic / T8/1L 6.904-084.0

RM166.00 RM83.00

16Tablets RM760 Karcher Carpet Pro 6.295-850.0

RM173.00 RM86.50

1L Karcher Carpet Cleaner 6.295-771.0

RM117.60 RM58.80

1L Karcher RM626 Universal Cleaner 6.295-753.0

RM88.60 RM44.30

1L KCC814 Kleenso Bio Degradable Car Wash

RM16.00 RM8.00

1L KHC810 Kleenso Concentrated Stain Remover

RM27.00 RM13.50

1L KHC834LW Kleenso Serai Wangi Liquid Wax Floor Cleaner

RM27.00 RM13.50

1L KHC855 Kleenso Super Red Degreaser

RM16.00 RM8.00