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[CLEAR STOCK] Copper Ball Float With Stub Welded 10″ 12″ 14″ Only


1/2″ Acetal E/Nipple PVC 15mm

RM2.60 RM1.30

1p 1″ D-PVC E/TEE 25mm Q50

RM3.60 RM1.80

1p 1/2″ D-90 PVC Elbow 15mm Q100

RM1.00 RM0.50

1p 1/2″ D-PVC DE Socket 15mm Q100

RM0.60 RM0.30

1p 1/2″ D-PVC PT Elbow 15mm Q100

RM1.60 RM0.80

1p 1/2″ D-PVC V/Socket 15mm Q100

RM0.80 RM0.40

1p 1/2″ E/Nipple Poly

RM1.40 RM0.70

1p 3/4″ D-PVC V/Socket 20mm Q100

RM1.20 RM0.60

2p MOO-13-16mm Thumb Screw Orbit Hose Clip

RM5.40 RM2.70

2×1/2″ D-PVC R/Tee 50x15mm Q50

RM15.80 RM7.90

3″ ABS E/Tee BBB 80mm QP5

RM64.80 RM32.40